1. What is the minimum order Value? 

There is no minimum order.

2. What is the delivery charge? 

Delivery charges are distance-based.

3. What equipment will I receive? 

You will receive a tablet, Bluetooth printer as well as a SIM card (Already inserted into the device). Our restaurant app (RAPP) will be pre-installed in the phone provided. 

4. How long do we have to prepare the order? Are we able to adjust the preparation time? 

The preparation time is not fixed. It’s a dynamic variable but we aim for 15 minutes.

5. After the food is picked up from my outlet, how long till it is delivered to the customer? 

This is our biggest strength! Complete delivery time from when the customer orders is around 30 minutes. From when the food is picked up it should be a maximum of 15 minutes.

6. What if it’s a huge order? Do we still have to prepare it within 15 mins? 

Our application automatically adjusts the time of delivery, setting expectations of the customer. As for corporate orders, our clients are given a maximum 2-3 days‘ notice to pre-order from our vendors. 

7. Can we change, add or remove any items/item prices? 

We have a partner service team that will manage all menu changes via email to partner@foodpanda.ph . For any menu changes, please do include a camera-captured imaged of your dine-in menu for price verification purposes. 

8. What is the average processing time for menu changes? 

The average processing time is 2-3 working days, depending on the extent of the changes. 

9. Are we able to temporarily remove items that are unavailable on that day? 

Yes. You will be able to temporarily remove / turn off any items that are out of stock for the day. This is done through the restaurant app on the device provided. 

10. Are we able to go offline if we are busy and not able to accept any orders? 

Yes. You will be able to change your online page status between “Available”, “Busy” or “Unavailable” at any time through the restaurant app on the device provided. 

11. What if the customer cancels the order while the food is being prepared? 

If a customer cancels an order while the resto prepares for it foodpanda PH shoulder the payment and tag it as “cancelled order”. 

12. Will customer be compensated due to spillage/damage caused by the rider during delivery? 

We advise you to have your food packaged properly. However, if such situations happened, foodpanda will take care of the customer service recovery (such as refund and compensate customers with an apology voucher). 

13. What if I encounter an issue with my order (e.g. item is not available)? Who do I contact? 

We have a chatter box you can message or send an email to partner@foodpanda.ph 

14. Will I be able to see the customer’s details? 

Yes. The customer’s name will be reflected in the order on your device provided. 

15. What happens if I accept an order, then realize that the item is not available? 

You may not order an unavailable item with the app because it’s already unavailable/offline. 

16. What If there are technical issues with the devices? 

Please call or send an email to the respective assigned Account’s Manager for technical support. 

17. How long is your billing cycle? When will we receive our payment? 

The cut-off will be every 15th and end of the month with 3 working days for invoicing plus 15 working days for payment.


18. Is there any contract period? 

No. Our partner agreements do not carry any contract period. 

19. What happens if I would like to terminate the partnership? 

The vendors may send an email to partner@foodpanda.ph or directly tell their assigned Accounts Manager for them to terminate the contract. 

20. After completing the paperwork, how long is your onboarding process? When can we start receiving orders? 

We have a 2 -week (equivalent to 14 days) timeline upon the contract approval for the activation but we can activate your account earlier than that as long as there are no further issues on your end. 

21. Is there any foodpanda uniform provided when rider are out for delivery? 

Yes. We will provide a uniform for the riders before the first day of work. 

22. If we have any other questions after we have started receiving orders, who can we contact? 

You may write to partner@foodpanda.ph or call the assigned Accounts Manager. Our friendly partner service team would be happy to assist you.